Why I like…Geodes

There are so many reasons I like geodes!

Do you know what a geode is? If you live in a cave you probably do so I can’t use that analogy for ignorance of their awesomeness.
Geodes are generally roundish stones that are hollow and generally lined with some sort of stone or mineral.  The most common lining is quarts.  Both the common clear quarts and, my personal favorite, the purple amethyst.

Beautiful example of a small, amethyst geode.

One reason, their pretty.  Duh!

At their “birth” geodes were a pocket of air trapped in rock…or soon to be rock.  Trapped inside the air pocket at that time were minerals that over time crystalized into these gorgeous interiors.  I like to think that is what happens to our souls trapped in our bodies.  If we subject it to the right conditions… (Seeking God’s will, loving others, being generous of ourselves….you get the idea!) the stuff inside us becomes a beautiful thing with an ugly exterior, comparatively speaking of course.

Geodes can be found all over the world with a wide variety of interiors many of which are boring and will not be discussed here.  This is a happy blog.
In fact, they can be found on every continent due to the nature of their development.  And some get very well grown….See!

Giant geode!

Another reason…they are amazing!

What might be my favorite thing about geodes is the mystery of them.  My imagination runs wild!  For a while, as a child, I used to believe that some mean goblin had trapped a faerie in stone and that is what happened when they died.  It was almost criminal to break it open and subject the legacy of the faerie to the potential destruction.
Moving forward in life the mystery remained.  You never knew if a round rock was going to contain a geode when opened.  Grant it, once folks find a bunch of them and they constantly prove to be geodes you can pretty much hedge your bets that one is.  But still.  You can never quite be sure.
If that isn’t enough you can’t be sure how thick the crystals will be, the depth of color, if any, or if it will break evenly to keep in a marketable form.
It’s a little bit like hoping for  a miracle each time.

I like the memories my geode gives me…

I have a geode in my office.  It’s my one and only.  I got it at a Gem and Mineral fair a long time ago.
There was a gentleman selling them, cracking them for customers and making quite a show of it all.
Here is how it went.
You bought a rock and you didn’t know if it was a geode or if it was just a promising looking round rock.  He made a specticle of himself breaking them open and dramatically opening them up for their owners.
I sat there and watched a bunch of folks buy their rocks and him then crack them open for them. They would all wait with bated breath, hoping they would have a near magical prize.  It was a bit of a rush.
About half I saw just had a round rock and he had $30 bucks that cost him 2 minutes.  Of the other half, about 2/3’s had clear/white quartz.  The other 1/3 had the much coveted purple amethyst.
That is what I wanted.
I very carefully picked my rock.  I didn’t want it to be too perfect because it would for sure be a bust.  It needed to have just the right amount of calcification on the outside and be more or less round…but not perfectly round.
Now, I had absolutely no scientific basis for my calculated selection.  I just had that ridiculous certainty that people with over active imaginations get about completely irrelevant things in life.  For example, once I was certain that wearing blue (or primarily blue) underwear would make me a more emotionally balanced person.  That’s another post but to this day I will try to get underwear that have a bit of blue in them.

It didn’t help these sort of certainties in life when against the odds, whatever they were in this situation, that my not perfectly round but perfectly sized, mid level calcified rock turned out to be a gorgeous amethyst geode! In your face dude ripping people off.

Upon receiving my prize I was told NEVER TOUCH THE CRYSTALS!! Well that is like telling a small child not to touch their birthday cake.  They are all going to do it even if it’s a little.  The uninformed observer might never know…but that child does. *giggle*
Apparently the oils and impurities on our hands can alter the color, clarity and shine of the pure crystals inside.  No kidding.
So everyday is a challenge.  Everyday it’s a small personal victory to know that I am preserving my prize.
Happily I report I have never touched it.

Although, dusting it does prove to be a challenge.

My geode. Perhaps I should name it?


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