Why I like…Keep Calm and Carry On.

As we go through life we encounter things that have deep and some times profound meaning to us.  What that is, what we do when it happens and how it ultimately changes us are things that solely depend on each person.  A growing trend is to tattoo it upon ones self.  For some, the ink seems to make that profound thing that much more tangible or open up the opportunity for them to converse about it more frequently or openly.
For others it may go deeper than that and come to a place within them that it is, for all meanings, “tattooed” on their hearts or souls.

One such thing has seemed to gain a slow growth and steady relevance with society.  It offers people a chance to remind themselves that they are their own masters and have control of themselves in this time of seeming chaos.  5 words that help to anchor us emotional and physically in this mad world.

This is one reason I like Keep Calm and Carry On.

Even the best of us, the coolest and the most with it, have those internal moments of freaking the heck out.  We talk ourselves down off ledges of emotional insanity, anger, frustration, elation, confusion or terror.  For most folks, it is part of being human.  (For the sake of argument here we’re excluding Buddhist Monks, psychopaths, super heroes and socialist dictators)

This beautiful sentiment has an equally lovely history.

Pre WWII the British government had as series of propaganda posters made up to offer encouragement, solace and solidarity among the populous.   It was expected to have an original font, bold of color, hard to imitate and be appreciably to the point.
They came up with 3.  All featured the crown of King George the 6th in representation of the British empire.
The third was a red/orange color and simply said “Keep Calm and Carry On”.   This on was intended to be released in times of attack on British soil.  However, they never were distributed.
About 20 years ago a book shop owner came across one and loved it so much she decided to post it in her store.
From that one it has taken flight.

I find these to be incredibly applicable now.  Perhaps not in the sense that the original designers meant them but true none the less.
They resonate with me deeply.

Aesthetically I find them very appealing as well.  I have found and downloaded the font and use it every opportunity I can.  I have also taken to using the crown emblem as my work trademark, so to speak.  All personal documentation, file labels, cover sheets, ect. are adorned with it.  It’s a constant reminder of what I expect of myself everyday, how good I have it in the USA and how I must do all I can to ensure that the freedoms we enjoy remain ours to exercise.

To sum it up I love the poignant elegance of the Keep Calm series.

Here is a beautiful video about the history, narrated by a Brit.

PS.After finishing up this and reviewing I decided to see if anyone had Keep Calm and Carry On actually tattooed on themselves…
and I wasn’t disappointed.  I can’t say that I’m surprised, but there were many.


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