Why I like…Hyperbole and a Half

Let’s face it.  We’re all weird.
So weird in fact that we are sometimes quite sure that no one else out there could possible understand how we _____. Feel free to fill in the blank with: feel, think, understand, chew, walk, smell, trip, write, cook, sleep, dream, poop,…you get the idea.

So much so, that at times we resent everyone else their normalcy and complete self-assured confidence that they are status quo of society and we ourselves are the freaky fringe stranglings that evolution forgot in the way we _____.  Again, fill in the blank.

Personally I’ve tried to convince myself that my various, special breeds of weird are either just figments of my highly overactive imagination and/or my not entirely unfortunate habit of simply caring too much about most things.  This rarely appeases my sense of personal vindication for long.

But occasionally a ray of sun breaks through our dismal overcast world of sideshow isolation and lets us know that, “Hey! You’re not alone! I too am a complete square egg!”

That is what blogger Allie Brosh has done for the last few years with her blog “Hyperbole and a Half”.  Her special way of expressing her idiosyncracies mixed with her childishly drawn, yet highly introspective cartoons keeps myself and many others in stitches of laughter and occasionally a tear or two.

Her lack of sophistication in the drawings and the overt humanity of her quirkiness makes you realize that not only is it ok to be different but it is ok to celebrate it, hopefully as it is occurring but if not at least in retrospect.  Just don’t be a punk about it of course.

But what speaks to me, more so than just what she writes and illustrates in her blogs, are the comments of others saying, “I couldn’t have said it better myself”.

That is when I know that everyone else sees me as one of those same confident, normal people that I see in everyone else.

And that is why I like Hyperbole and a Half.

Here are some links to a few of my favorites:

Alot is better than you at everything:


The Awkward Situation Survival Guide:

Why I’ll never be an adult: (this is me 100% when it comes to laundry and the organization of my drawers and closets)

And my favorite
The Party:


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