Why I like… the Flying Gunard

What the heck is a Flying Gunard!!

One of the reasons I like the Flying Gunard is the vivid imagery that the name alone instills in me.  My imagination runs wild with possibilities!

One might think it is a dangerous or cutting edge military weapon capable of annihilating an entire city.

Perhaps you might think it is a fancy wrestling move where one person jumps onto another and then strangles them with their legs.  At least that is what I would think if I were told that it was a wrestling move.

Or maybe one might think it a type of computer virus that spreads quickly and wreaks unmitigated, irreparable havoc on your hard drive.

I’m not even going into detail as to what my mother thought it might be.  HINT: It involves people’s unmentionable bits!

When I first heard the term Flying Gunard my thoughts went immediately to some sort of frilled lizard because we all know I have critters on the brain. This lizard would of course be a tree dweller and leap from limb to limb, coasting on the tropical forest breezes in the South American jungles.

I was correct in only one regard.  It is a critter but not one that has any sort of flying capabilities.
What a disappointing misnomer!

Upon Googling and being disabused of my reptilian notions, I discovered the coolest little guy you’re very likely to run into throughout several of the worlds oceans.
That’s right.  It’s a fish.
photo credit: Tony Wu

I was thrilled to discover it behaves much like a Gobie (saving those guys for another post!) it uses its arm-like pectoral fins to pull themselves along the sea floor while searching for tasty morsels..

However when those fins flare out you’re in for quite a treat!

As my husband would say, FANCY!!

These remind me so much of some of the creatures described in many of my favorite books.
In short, they are just magical!!

So I like these little guys mostly because in every way they spark wonder in me.

We all need a little wonder in us.


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