Why I like…the hunt for (and finding of!) the Higgs Boson Particle.

There comes a time in human history where science, math and technology intermix and pure magic happens.  Since I like to fancy myself a practical person I have to come to the conclusion that Tinkerbell doesn’t exist and Gandolf only lives in the middle earth between my ears.
That leaves 2 forms of magic.

The first being the inexplicable miracles occuring under the mantle of the Christian faith.  We don’t/can’t understand what really happens and how God makes it work…therefore we can call it God Magic.  That is a-whole-nother post.  Moving on!

The second being the convolution of science, math and technological engineering.  No math pun intended.
When people first experienced the light bulb – MAGIC!
When people first cooked with a microwave – MAGIC!
When people first encountered a video recording – MAGIC!

These things are all fairly easy for us to understand having been made intellectually pallatable by education and other advances.  However, we are quickly approaching the day when the common man will not be able to understand or explain the vast advances we will be enjoying in the future.  Everyday magic! How exciting!!
Grant it we’ll know it’s technology and some power that only can be channelled through someone born with magic in their blood conjuring a tree to grow to full height in a matter of moments.

When will get there? Who knows!! But we’re well on our way already.

Understanding of particle physics is advancing by leaps and bounds every month if not daily.  It’s hard to keep up with all the various findings and their applicable uses.
But one that greatly excites me is the work going on in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the search for, and now research on the Higgs Boson Particle.

The resulting knowledge, technology and abilities gained from mastering this particle will truly be, in the most literally of terms, beyond remarkable.
We’re talking worm holes, teleportation…you know…”Beam me up Scotty!” stuff!!

I’ve been saying for years the time wasted on traveling was ridiculous.  Time you’ll never get back, in a car, on your bum, mindlessly passing other cars, no scenery.  BLAH!
All the money wasted on fuel alone, shipping stuff, lost packages.
Imagine all the deaths that would be prevented by keeping people off the roads and out of the air.

But that is only the beginning.  The energy encompassed in one tiny little particle that only exist for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction…you get the idea…of a second is HUGE!  If we could capture that and regenerate it there would energy for all and everything!

How cool is the LHC btw.

So much good could come of it!  There is the tiny possiblity that it would create a black hole and we’d all be sucked into oblivion but that is statistically tiny and completely unprovable.  December 21 is looming though…

So, they have isolated what they believe to be the standard model particle.  Currently they are researching to be able to conclusively say that is indeed what was obtained.  One step closer!

I guess that the reason I like the Higgs Boson particle so much is that it inspires me and ignites my imagination to all the amazing things that could be.  Nay, will be!

Also on the table? – Flying cars.


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